May 13 Update – Trevor Thompson

So if you have Trauma cover a message to check the definitions.

If you don’t have trauma cover,well I just don’t get that but hey…

Three months ago I posted about getting a regular skin cancer check, Today was my follow up visit. Eight unexpected stitches in my back and feeling woosy means two cancelled appointments today, but get to the point I hear you say.

I joked with the Dr that if its a melanoma make sure you say its 1mm deep because that’s how deep it has to be to make a trauma claim on my policy. Some policies say 1.5mm

Both the Dr and the nurse were horrified and said if they had a melanoma more than .75mm deep they would be very nervous.

So to claim, you need to have something serious and hope its not too serious!! It may be a matter of fractions of a millimetre but I am focused on that right now and suggest you check your policy too!

By Trevor Thompson. 


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