Investing in your families future

Even if you’re passionate about investing, it makes sense to get sound financial advice. With Trevor Thompson of Insight Wealth Partners by your side, you’ll find the guidance you need to achieve your financial goals and get to where you want to be in life.

Getting in control

Christy and Aaron Peebles were both in their early 30s when they first consulted Trevor Thompson in 2012. At the time, the couple were looking to take more control over their investments, and wanted advice on setting up a self-managed super fund (SMSF).

“Since Christy and I were planning to have kids, we wanted to create wealth and be financially stable for the future,” Aaron said. “We’d invested in some property and were hoping to set up an SMSF, so our accountant put us in touch with Trevor.”

After investigating their financial situation, Trevor advised Christy and Aaron to build their capital before investing in self-managed super. So they focused on growing their assets first, and by late 2014 were ready to establish their SMSF. Trevor helped lay the groundwork by developing the fund’s investment strategy and arranging a risk review.

Trevor also identified that Christy and Aaron could refinance their existing loans on their family home and investment properties. This has saved the couple a significant amount each month – which has been a great help since the arrival of their first child.

Aaron commented: “Our thoughts were elsewhere with the birth of our daughter and the lack of sleep that comes with that. Having Trevor there took a lot of stress and worry away from us and helped us get through it.”

Open communication

With their SMSF in place, Aaron and Christy are enjoying the peace of mind that comes from knowing exactly where their money is invested. They also know they can contact Trevor whenever they have any questions.

“There’s an open line of communication there,” Aaron explained. “While I’m still learning to be a parent, I’m taking a back seat at the moment, but Trevor allows me to fire questions at him any time. He’s always there with the answers – and we trust him.”

Aaron also feels that Trevor’s approach and his communication style have made the serious business of building wealth more enjoyable.

“It’s nice to sit down with your financials and have a joke with Trevor, as money can be stressful,” said Aaron. “He knows everything about us, and he gives back by sharing a bit about his life and his own family.”

Aaron and Christy now have a five-year plan to buy a larger home that will meet their family’s needs. They know Trevor will always be there to give them the guidance they need to turn their plan into reality.

“As far as our SMSF goes, the investment strategies are all heading in the right direction, which is great,” Aaron said. “We never have to chase up Trevor or his team for anything we need – they come to us. I recommend Insight Wealth Partners to just about everyone I talk to.”

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