Overcoming a financial setback

Financial setbacks can be distressing – especially if they happen when you’re close to retirement. But no matter what your financial situation, Trevor Thompson from Insight Wealth Partners can help get you back on track.

Building trust

John and Carol Foreman were in their early 60s when they first met with Trevor Thompson in 2012. The couple’s accountant suggested that they speak to Trevor after their super investments had been hit badly by the Global Financial Crisis.

At the time, Carol and John were both unable to work due to health issues. This meant they were living off their savings, which was eroding their wealth even further.

“When we first met Trevor we were very gun-shy,” Carol said. “We were devastated about losing our money, and weren’t prepared to trust anyone – but Trevor was great.”

Trevor’s first course of action was to ensure the Foremans were receiving any government benefits they were entitled to. By following Trevor’s advice, John was successful in applying for a disability support pension. Trevor also discovered that Carol was eligible for government support by way of a NewStart allowance, and he guided Carol through her application as well.

Carol commented: “We previously thought we’d never have to go down the Centrelink track, but Trevor explained our financial position and what our options were – he was straightforward and upfront.”

Greater peace of mind

As the next step in the Foremans’ financial strategy, Trevor advised them to transfer their liquid funds into a super account in Carol’s name. When Carol received an inheritance, he recommended contributing the proceeds to her super as well.

Finally, Trevor helped the Foremans arrange a fixed-term annuity to supplement their Centrelink income until they both reach pension age.

Carol says she couldn’t be happier with what Trevor has

done for her and John.

“Trevor has never put a foot wrong,” she explained. “I completely trust him and I would recommend him to anyone.”

Since following Trevor’s advice, the Foremans’ super investments have been growing at a healthy rate. Their retirement plan is still on track – even when they’ve made lump sum withdrawals from their super to cover any extra lifestyle expenses.

Best of all, thanks to Trevor’s help, Carol and John have more income, less financial stress – and greater peace of mind. Whatever the future holds, they know Trevor will be there to give them the guidance they need.

“Trevor really keeps on top of everything, like government changes to the assets test,” Carol said. “Even if the goal posts shift again, Trevor will be there to point us in the direction we need to go.”

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