Your Appointment

We recognise that, for some, our appointment will be the first time they have consulted a Financial Planner, others will know what to expect.

Analysing your existing situation is the start of the process and it is totally dependent on the information you provide when we complete a Financial Needs Analysis. This is the first stage in preparing your advice. The final stage in welcoming you as a client is presenting our advice in a written Statement of Advice. Once you accept our recommendations, that is the start of our journey with you!

We understand that if you haven’t done this before you may want to become comfortable with us before “getting into it” and providing all the information needed to complete the Financial Needs Analysis. Equally important, an informal chat can let us make a judgement on your circumstances as to whether or not we feel we can add value to your situation.

You will choose how the first meeting goes, whether we complete a Financial Needs Analysis to start the planning process or whether you need some information to allow you to decide whether or not the process is for you. Our strong preference is that the first meeting is very much based on “getting to know you”. Appointing a Financial Planner should be the start of a long term business relationship and we believe taking time to get it right at the start is much wiser than regretting rushed decisions..

You will also choose whether we give you advice that you limit to addressing a specific need or wide ranging comprehensive advice

Below are the processes we implement in developing your Statement of Advice:

  • Identification of your financial goals and objectives.
  • Analysis your existing personal and financial situation.
  • Investigation and consideration of possible financial planning strategies that will assist you to meet your goals and objectives.
  • Formulating strategic and/or product recommendations to meet your goals and objectives.

We have prepared an Appointment Checklist to make the process more efficient for you when you decide to begin. Click here for the Appointment Checklist.

In summary we believe in a 3 appointment process for engaging new clients. Getting to know each other, completing the Financial Needs Analysis, presenting and implementing our advice. Of course, if your plan deals with complex strategies, you may want to take it home and digest it before coming back to implement the recommendations. We encourage you to do this.

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