It is, perhaps, a normal reaction to face the possibility of tragic personal loss with “it won’t happen to me.” No one wants to die, become disabled or suffer a serious illness.

The danger with this “normal” reaction is that the “what if” scenario is dealt with in the same way. It’s uncomfortable to think about, so “doing something” about it may be a half-hearted or poorly thought out solution. Simply buying a life insurance policy is just not the answer. The right insurance strategy is the answer.

Our approach to insurance is to have the ‘what if’ conversation with you, to help you actually visualise what the financial situation that you or your family would face and most importantly, what you would like it to be.  We then take that and quantify what your protection plan should be.

If your risk protection plan is to have “something” and hope “it” never happens then unfortunately if “it” does happen then the result will be financial stress.

We live in the real world too and understand that the “Rolls Royce” solution may not be affordable. Your budget matters so if the perfect plan is too expensive we will help you prioritise the risks to address and implement the package you can afford.

Part of this process is managing the cost. We examine a wide range of insurers to find one that has the features you need for a competitive premium before we make our recommendations and implement your cover.

And that’s just the start of the process! Just as your life circumstances change, so do insurance companies. We recommend a regular review to ensure your protection plan meets your changing needs and that your insurer continues to offer a quality product at a competitive premium.

We aren’t here to convince you that tragedy is about to strike, our aim is to make sure that you have a plan IF it does.

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